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Company Profile

    GUANGZHOU LANHESU Environmental Protection Technology Co. LTD, Located in SHIJI town industrial zone, PANYU district, Guangzhou city, the company was founded in 2015and area is about 1950 square meters, the company is a professional production of car urea solution, urea denitrification agent, nitrogen oxidation reductant manufacturers. The company integrates research and development, production and sales, and is committed to the emission reduction and control of nitrogen oxides in air pollution.The company adopts full automatic process.At present, it is the leading position in the same industry.And has a complete set of after-sales service system. LANHESU obtained 22 patents of car urea technology, 6 patented technologies for invention.In 2018, the domestic sales volume ranked among the top 10 in China.The products are sold to southeast Asian countries. "LANHESU" car urea brand has fully entered the ranks of domestic first-tier brands.
Product raw materials have been procurement of the highest quality listed company in China,high purity AUS32 special raw materials was used. Using the company invention patent technology, two-stage reverse osmosis and EDI water production process and raw material recycling solution technology. In order to control the product quality, index testing, product filling a series of production processes are controlled strictly.

    In 2016, LANHESU became the strategic partner of British brand ECOUREA (the only designated agent manufacturer of AUS40 ships in China). And stationed in the domestic many large gas stations and became commercial vehicle manufacturers designated partners. In order to serve the market demand, the marketing centers of JIANGXI province, HUNAN province, GUANGXI province, YUNNAN province and HAINAN province have been set up, and the branch factories of LANHESU have been gradually established in the urban areas of all provinces in China, which can be timely distributed to all parts of the country.

    The products are manufactured in strict accordance with GB 29518:2013, ISO 14001:2001, the national execution standard.

Company history:
In 2015, the company passed the quality management system certification (ISO 9001:2015)
In 2015, it signed a strategic cooperation partner with JIANGXI investment group co., LTD. (a state-owned enterprise of JIANGXI province)
In 2016, it became the brand strategy manufacturer of ECOUREA in the UK (the only designated agent manufacturer of AUS40 in China).
In 2016, joined PANYU manufacturers' chamber of commerce (enterprise federation, SME association).
In 2017, signed the strategic partner of GUANGZHOUJULI supply chain chamber of commerce (the only designated supplier of Urea by the chamber of commerce).
In 2017, signed strategic partnership with GUANGZHOU YUNSHAN logistics chamber of commerce (the only designated supplier of urea for vehicles by the chamber of commerce).
2017 "One Belt And One Road" logistics summit in inland port of GANZHOU city, JIANGXI province, member of LANHESU and several large logistics summits signed strategic cooperative relationship
In 2017, it signed a regional strategic cooperation partner with PETROCHINAGUANGZHOU
In 2017, the company was approved to be a member of China environmental protection association
In 2017, it was identified as high-tech products of GUANGDONG province
In 2018, it was certified by China intellectual property management system
In 2018, it was awarded AAA credit enterprise in China's environmental protection science and technology industry
In 2018, it was awarded as the famous and excellent product of China's environmental protection science and technology industry
In 2018, it was selected into the first green environmental protection brand of China's environmental protection technology industry
In 2018, he was elected as the full member of the credit construction committee of China enterprise credit office
In 2018, it was awarded to the national credit and integrity demonstration unit
In 2018, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise of GUANGDONG province
In 2018, Member of Intercity Transportation Service Association
In 2019, Winning Certificate of High-tech Enterprise
In 2019, Blue Hesse joined hands with Nova, Taiwan, to sign a long-term strategic cooperative relationship. Blue Heparin Nova Brand Deeply Cultivates the Car Urea Market in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas
In 2019, Bluegrass has been officially certified by API of American Petroleum Association
In 2019, Bluegrass has been certified by German  and has been authorized to cooperate with trademark and product strategy
In 2019, Become a special dealer of Kunlun automobile lubricant of CNPC Guangzhou lubricant sales branch
In 2019, Become the vice chairman unit of Guangzhou Panyu District new business entrepreneur chamber of Commerce (Panyu Jiangxi chamber of Commerce)
In 2019, Signed the strategic partner of Guangzhou Lingnan logistics supply chain chamber of Commerce (the only designated urea supplier)

In 2020, Signing the Guangzhou Nansha logistics chamber (the only designated vehicle urea supplier)

In 2020, Guangzhou Baiyun District Logistics chamber (the only designated vehicle urea supplier)

In 2020,Guangzhou logistics and Supply Chain Association (the only designated supplier of vehicle urea)

1, Advanced production technology:
Use AUS32 special high purity car urea raw material, with strict management system, the latest production process, patent filtration purification system technology, and company's invention patent technology. The two-stage reverse osmosis and EDI water production process and raw material recycling dissolution technology, it maintains the quality has been stable.

2, Quality control system:
In the field of car urea production, we have a professional production team, advanced quality control, and strict industry index data detection. Each step is strictly in accordance with the implementation of domestic GB: 29518-2013, international: ISO:14001:2004 standard production. And the government technical supervision departments confirmed the sampling quality.

3, Professional logistics and distribution team
With a professional transport fleet and logistics distribution system, can be timely, fast and accurate distribution.

Culture: LANHESU enterprise culture: patriotism, integrity, gratitude, environmental protection, innovation, practical practice, quality service

Environmental protect: take the road of green industrial development, to provide cost-effective green power as their own responsibility, to show a healthy, environmentally friendly image, to achieve sustainable development goals.

Development: to strengthen and enlarge core business, to rise up potential sectors, to expand relevant industrial chain, to complete the national layout, and to build a well-known brand in China.

Harmony and harmony: to build harmony, cultivate a culture of loyalty, fraternity, cooperation and well-being, so that the enterprise and employees can achieve the best state together.

Win-win: sustainable business development concept, to achieve long-term maximization and win-win.

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